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A big thank you from my car, and me. You did a great job ... Your packaging was a work of art

-- D.W.
Tech Article

BMW E24 6-Series Brightwork Above Side Windows

Last Updated: 05/30/2017
Parts Group: Exterior trim
This article discusses the early vs. late styles of the brightwork above the side windows. One of our customer explained that the reason he's replacing his brightwork parts is because they got scatched up in automatic car washes. If you're not here for the technical analysis but would rather buy a used part from us, then please select the link below:The information herein is based on our own project own cars.

The brightwork is deeply embedded in the black/dark gray plastic trim behind it. Removing it requires much patience, and ideally a custom-made tool that pries up the brightwork gently.

The plastic trim comes in two styles, early and late. My 1982 car has the early style and from 1984 and on is the later style. An easy way to spot the difference is how the trim attaches to the fender in front. The newer style extends farther forward and has two large Philips screws that bolt the front of the trim against the fender. The screw heads are obscured by some pretty plastic plugs so that an onlooker doesn't see raw bolt heads. On many cars, these plugs have fallen out, presumably due to the ravages of time.
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